• Small Parts Deburring Machine
  • Small Parts Deburring Machine
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Small parts deburring machine

Function: sheet metal surfacehairline,grinding,polishing ,remove edge deburrs   

Structure: belt+hairline brush

  • This machine is with one belt deburring and hairline brush, it is suitable for carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate,aluminum plate etc.,
  • adjust the corresponding grinding parameters and select the appropriate abrasive according to the different surface requirements of the workpiece.
    Surface brushing to remove slag function
  • Belt automatic deviation correction function
    This equipment is equipped with a set of pneumatic deviation correction system, without manual intervention, the abrasive belt can find the swinging action point in a very short time, so that the abrasive belt does not deviate, so that the parts will not deviate during processing.
High temperature wear-resistant and anti-damping conveyor belt
The equipment is equipped with a high-damping and wear-resistant conveyor belt. The conveyor structure and conveyor belt are designed for easy maintenance and replacement; the conveyor belt passes through high temperature during use, which can effectively absorb workpieces and increase the service life of the conveyor belt.deburring machine factory in china
Technical parameter:

  • Grinding max width:600mm,800mm,1000mm,1300mm,1500mm,1600mm
  • Grinding sheet thickness:0.5-80mm
  • Belt grinding motor:7.5kw ;hairline brush grinding motor:5.5kw;conveyor motor:1.5kw;lift motor:0.37kw
  • Controller:PLC
  • Adsorption optional: Vacuum ,Magnetic 
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