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Automatic Grinding Machine

With Siemens CNC control system,you just need to set up the program and it will do the polishing work itself.
This model for polishing tank and dish head inside and outside to meet different Ra.(hairline/mirror finish…).
1. Grinding with abrasive belt, high efficiency, low noise and less dust.
Using thousands of impeller (or wheel dipped emery cloth, wool wheel) polishing,
mirror polishing can be achieved.
2. Integrated belt polishing machine, which can respectively polish different parts such as tank body and head, grinding,
and select the abrasive belt grinding head with processing precision Ra≤0.2μm (mirror effect).
Both workpiece rotation and lateral feed are variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which further improves work efficiency.
3. One device can polish the inner and outer surfaces of the tank and the head,
equipped with two sets of grinding heads and two sets of workpiece turning mechanisms.
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